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The Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden is located in via Farini and covers the same surface area as when it was originally founded.
At the entrance there is a large specimen of Gingko biloba originating from China, which has been growing here since 1795. G. biloba is the only surviving species of the Gingkoaceae family, which had its maximum diversification in terms of genera and species in ancient times.

The central part, facing the greenhouses, follows the style of an Italian garden; it is only in the central portion that it has maintained the original 18th century style while the rest is an experimental-ecological as well as landscape garden.

The arboretum was created between the 18th and 19th centuries. It still occupies the eastern part of the Garden, while the western part was recreated according to the English style.

The greenhouses are temperate-hot with basins for equatorial and tropical plants as well as having controlled climatic conditions for succulent plants.

In recent years, the collections have been reorganized and enriched; the flowerbeds and hedges have been rearranged. Over 2,000 species are present over an area of 11,000 square metres. The new collections of insectivorous plants, succulents, and violets, amongst which the "Parma violet" are worthy of notice.

Nowadays, the prime objective of the Parma Botanical Garden is the "in situ" and "ex situ" conservation of biodiversity.

SCIENTIFIC DIRECTOR Prof. Marcello Tomaselli
Via Farini 90 - 43121 Parma Tel. +39 0521 903679/903490 - Fax +39 0521 347011 e-mail


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