Padova Orto Botanico
4 - 7 September 2019

114░ Congresso della SocietÓ Botanica Italiana

VI International Plant Science Conference (IPSC)
con l'11░ Congresso Annuale della SocietÓ Italiana di Biologia Vegetale


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Instructions for the authors

The abstract format can be viewed and the abstract submitted on-line at only after registration but before May 15, 2019.

The first author must be registered and cannot present more than one poster (as first author).

If you submit an abstract for a poster presentation, the Scientific Committee of the Congress may ask you to convert it into an oral communication.

Abstract length (including figures) is limited to a single A4 sheet (extra pages will be discarded).
Leave margins of 2 cm on all four sides.
The text must be in Times New Roman (font 11), with single spacing between lines.
Do not leave spaces between paragraphs, except between the title and the name, between the address and the text, and between the text and the list of references.
The title ( bold, font 12) must be preceded by an identification number selected according to the topics (see Topics page).
The names of the authors should be spelled out and written in lowercase characters using font 11.
The authors' affiliation addresses should appear below the names and written using font 10.
References should be cited in the text with a number and listed at the end of the abstract.
Figure captions should be written in font 10.

Posters should have a size of 100 cm height x 70 cm width.

Contact person for the abstracts is the Secretariat of the SBI (tel. +39 055 2757379 -

Authors are requested to complete and submit the release note, via email, to allow disclosure of the material.

The sample file of the abstract and that of the release note can be downloaded from the SBI website in the pages dedicated to the Congress.

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Keywords (call for abstracts)

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