Bologna Alma Mater Campus
Via Beniamino Andreatta 8
7 - 10 September 2022

117░ Congresso della SocietÓ Botanica Italiana

VIII International Plant Science Conference


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1. Vegetation science and plant landscape restoration: researches and perspectives
Keywords: vegetation dynamics, habitat restoration, habitat assessments, plant landscape conservation, landscape planning

2. Restoration of plant communities: ecological background and practical experiences
Keywords: plant community restoration, historical ecosystem references, restoration monitoring, restoration and climate change, rewilding

3. Biodiversity: a challenge for nature conservation and environmental monitoring
Keywords: biodiversity, nature conservation, environmental monitoring

4. Plant species concepts in the 21th century
Keywords: taxonomy, speciation, evolution, natural selection, genome

5. Primary and secondary metabolites produced by aquatic phototrophs with implications for the environment and bioeconomy
Keywords: biodiversity, biotechnology, environmental issues, infochemicals

6. Urban green-space planning and management: from functional aspects to ecosystem benefits
Keywords: urban ecosystems, urban green areas, ecosystem benefits, citizen science, environmental education, urban ecological corridors, urban flora

7. Translating plant research from lab to life: cellular, molecular and biotechnological approaches for a sustainable development
Keywords: plant cell and molecular biology, plant biotechnology, plant growth and differentiation, plant environment interactions, productivity and sustainability challenges

8. Fungi: α-biodiversity, ecosystem services, open science
Keywords: biodiversity, conservation, species distribution, social network data sharing web sites, ecosystem services, citizen science

9. From medicinal plants to health products through specialized metabolism
Keywords: medicinal plant, crude drugs, specialized metabolites, biological activities, natural products

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