International Plant Science Conference 109 Congresso della Società Botanica Italiana onlus

Florence, 2 - 5 September 2014

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1 - Congress venue: September 2 – 4 at Convitto della Calza; 6, piazza della Calza.
1.1 From Florence S.M.N. Railway Station: take bus n.11 (direction Due Strade); Bus stop: Piazza della Calza (venue). Scheduled time approx 11’ .
1.1.2 - bus n. 36 or 37 at the headline (left coming out from the track). Bus stop: Piazza della Calza (venue). Scheduled time approx 11’ .
1.1.3 - bus n.12 (circular) headline, close to the car parking entrance. Bus stop at “Porta Romana”. Scheduled time approx 18’.
1.2 From Florence Campo Marte Railway Station: take bus n.12 (direction S. Maria Novella). Bus stop at “Porta Romana”. Scheduled time approx 40’.
For more information about bus ways and stops, please address to the following website:

2 – Working Groups venue: September, 3 (afternoon):
to attain the site of working groups meeting (Museo della Specola, 17, via Romana): from Piazza della Calza, direction Pitti Palace, 5 minutes by foot.

3 – Congress venue: Villa Bardini; 2, Costa San Giorgio. September, 5 (morning)
By foot: from the Old Bridge take Via Guicciardini (direction Pitti Palace); at S. Felicita square, turn left along the church and upward in Costa S. Giorgio until Villa Bardini entrance.
By bus: bus n.12 (circular) headline at SMN Railway Station, close to the car parking entrance. Bus stop “Galilei 01”. Turn right in S. Leonardo street (nice narrow street) until overcoming Forte Belvedere and Porta S. Giorgio; 50 meters beyond, there is the Villa Bardini entrance. Scheduled time: 21’ bus + 15’ by foot
By car: this way is rather difficult to get because of traffic limitation. From the Arno river go to Porta S. Niccolò; cross the door and turn right in Via di Belvedere (very narrow and sloping street, one way along the old Florence walls). At the cross with Via S. Leonardo, turn right and look for a big gate where is the entrance to the Villa Bardini parking. Parking is free.
N. B. It is warmly recommended to not use the car.

4 – Meeting Point to visit Giardino di Boboli: September, 5 (afternoon)
Garden entrance at 37A, Via Romana (Annalena entrance).
4.1- by bus from SMN Station: same bus as the Congress venue (n. 11, 36, 37); go down one or two stops bifore the Congress venue; take Via di Serumido or via di Santa Maria until crossino Via Romana (5’by foot).
4.2-by foot: from Pitti Sqare take Via Romana (direction Porta Romana); Scheduled time: 5’.

More information concerning other meeting points and timetables during the congress will be available c/o the registration desk at the Congress venue.

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