Società Botanica Italiana onlus

Associazione scientifica fondata nel 1888

Conferenza dedicata al tema:
Banche semi e Restuari ecologici.
Pisa, 27 Aprile

"Native seed banks as providers of
crop wild relatives for agro-food
uses and as sources of wild species
for ecological restoration projects"
Pisa, 27 April 2012
The conference will take place in the Botany Hall “Gaetano Savi”, via Porta Buozzi 3, Pisa. Participants are kindy asked to fill the enclosed subscription form and to send it
by email to by 24 April 2012. Subscription is free.
Several hotels are within walking distance from the conference hall and the Botanic Garden. Please see for more details.
Please note that the Botanic Garden lies in a restricted traffic area. Participants planning to drive to Pisa should be careful of street signs for restricted traffic areas:
hotel managers can direct you to the closest parking spot.
Bus line from the airport and central station: “LAM rossa” (= red High Mobility Line) to the Leaning Tower.
For more information: Gianni Bedini (