Torino 6 - 8 February 2019

4th international Molecular Mycorrhiza Meeting

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6th February
17,00-21,00 Registration and poster mounting

7th February

08,30 Registration and poster mounting
09,00-09,30 Salutations and opening

Opening lecture - Chair: Paola Bonfante
09,30-10,00 Alga Zuccaro: Colonization strategies among root associated fungi

Genomics and Natural variation - Chair: Maria Harrison

10,00-10,30 Nicolas Corradi: The genetics of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi
10,30-11,00 Coffee break
11,00-11,15 Marisol Sanchez-Garcia: Understanding nuclear diversity within a single
                    spore of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi

11,15-11,30 Ian Sanders: Genetic variation in a mycorrhizal fungus drives the molecular
                    regulation of the currency of exchange in symbiosis with the food security
                    crop cassava

11,30-12,00 Claude Murat: Pezizomycete genomes reveal the molecular basis of
                    ectomycorrhizal truffle lifestyle

12,00-12,30 Poster flash talks
12,30-14,00 Lunch and poster session

Signaling in mycorrhizal symbioses - Chair: Giles Oldroyd
14,00-14,30 Natalia Requena: Getting to the root of the AM symbiosis
14,30-14,45 Chenglei Wang: Revealing the genetic mechanisms involved in systemic
                    regulation of mycorrhizal colonization

14,45-15,00 Hector Montero-Sommerfeld: ARK1 mediated signalling in the post-
                    arbuscule development stage

15,00-15,15 Johanna Wong: Small RNA regulation and crosstalk in symbiosis between
                    Eucalyptus grandis roots and the mutualistic ectomycorrhizal fungus
                    Pisolithus microcarpus

15,15-15,30 Tian Zeng: A LysM effector subverts chitin-triggered immunity to facilitate
                    arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis

15,30-16,00 Johnatan Plett: Within Hailing Distance: The critical role of pre-symbiotic
                    fungal signals to the colonization success of the ectomycorrhizal fungi

16,00-16,30 Coffee break

Cellular and molecular aspects of mycorrhizal interactions - Chair: Uta Paskowsky
 New Phytologist Trust session
16,30-17,00 Caroline Gutjahr: Hormone signaling in arbuscular mycorrhiza development
                    of Lotus japonicus

17,00-17,15 Erik Limpens: A Medicago truncatula SWEET transporter required for
                    arbuscule maintenance

17,15-17,30 Maria Harrison: Genetic dissection of AM symbiosis in Brachypodium

17,30-17,45 Sebastian Schornack: Spatially distinct sugar signatures along the plant-
                    fungus interface

17,45-18,00 Veronica Basso: Ectomycorrhizal symbiosis development: from fungal
                    effectors to plant hormones

Poster session with beer tasting - sponsored by Birrificio Baladin
20,00 Apericena (i)

8th February

Symbiosis functioning - Chair: Andrea Genre
09,00-09,30 Ertao Wang: Signalling and nutrient exchange in mycorrhizal symbiosis
09,30-09,45 Krista Plett: Avoiding exploitation: Host tree controls over
the ectomycorrhizal colonization process

09,45-10,00 Jeongmin Choi: Rice arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis establishment
depends on the removal of the suppressor SMAX1

10,00-10,15 Juan Antonio Lopez-Raez: Deciphering the role of flavonoids and
                    strigolactones in the AM symbiosis

10,15-10,30 Judith Felten: Decrypting the molecular mechanisms behind fungal root
                    invasion during ectomycorrhiza formation with focus on pectin remodelling
                    and fungal auxin

10,30-11,00 Coffee break
11,00-11,30 Pierre-Marc Delaux: Evolution of the arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis
11,30-11,45 Clémence Bonnot: Investigation of the regulation of ectomycorrhizal
                    symbiosis by nutrient signalling in Poplar

11,45-12,00 Thomas Irving: A kinase functions downstream of RAM1 to maintain the
                    arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis in Medicago truncatula

12,15-14,30 Lunch and poster session

Multiple interactions - Chair: Guillaume Bécard
14,30-15,00 Ainhoa Martinez-Medina: Root Fungal Symbionts: Allies of Plants in a
                    Multitrophic Context

15,00-15,15 Gregor Langen: Fungal competition reduces the virulence potential of the
                    root rot pathogen Bipolaris sorokiniana

15,15-15,30 Ivan Fernandez Lopez: Defence mechanisms triggered by herbivory in
                    ectomycorrhizal oak trees over successive growth flushes.

15,30-16,00 Aurélie Deveau: Fungal - bacterial interactions in the mycorhizosphere:
                    friends and foes

16,00-16,30 Coffee break
16,30-16,45 Best poster prize - sponsored by Frontiers in Plant Science

Closing lecture - Chair: Paola Bonfante
16,45-17,15 Davide Bulgarelli: Defining the host genetic control of the rhizosphere
                    bacterial microbiota

17,30-17.45 Meeting closure

17,45-19,00 Poster session
20,30 Gala dinner at Società Canottieri Esperia

9th February
08,00 departure for the iMMM Skiing Saturday

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